10 Apr

My friends and I visited Rome a few weeks ago. Unlike Milan, there were a lot of tourist attractions and we were able to see almost all of them in just one weekend! We arrived in Rome at night and immediately ventured over to the Trevi Fountain. Seeing it at night was spectacular! The next […]

Fashion Week

10 Mar

Milan Fashion week ended about a week ago and it was amazing! There are four cities in the world that host fashion week and Milan is one of them. The city was suddenly transformed into  a scene from a movie. My friends and I were surrounded by the most important people in the fashion industry. […]

Class and Carnevale

18 Feb

All of my classes have officially started. I have been enjoying all of my classes so far. I am taking business classes that relate to Milan, which makes them even more interesting. For example, my instructor has incorporated Italian fashion and luxury brands into our marketing class. This is something I would never have the […]


3 Feb

I arrived in Milan last Monday and have been here for about a week. This time last week, I was packing and planning for my trip. I felt scared, excited, and nervous all at once. However, all of those fears faded when I finally arrived. The beauty of the city and the unfamiliar language spoken […]